General Ticket Info

Where can I buy tickets?


You can buy tickets for all concerts online through this website, at our presale points, the Cactus office or at the doors.


Presale stops one day before the show. After that, tickets can only be bought at the full fee, either online or at the door (as long as the concert is not sold out). You can only pay in cash at the door, so be sure to bring enough cash to pay your entrance fee. Tickets cannot be bought or reserved by phone.

Bought tickets are not reimbursed..



Sold out concerts


If a concert gets sold out during presale, we will announce it on the website. In this case, there will not be any more tickets available at the doors. If an event gets sold out at any given time at the doors, no additional people will be allowed inside, as a safety measure.


If you want to be sure, buy your ticket in advance!





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